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Top 10 Most Important Ancient Inventors

Top 10 Most Important Ancient Inventors

If we analyse the 21st century that we live in today it is the era characterized by technology , innovations and achievements beyond the human imagination  But inventing things and innovating an exiting plan is not an easy task. What we have today is refinements of the things that were achieved in the past. The technology and inventions that we take for granted today was once a great step taken by mankind toward the future. These inventions took several years to be accomplished. It took efforts by several scientists and physicists to bring a dream come true. Even though today most of these inventions are a part and parcel of our daily lives they have a great history to them. It was the courage and determination of just one person who dared to foresee the future and take steps to make living easier for the people to come. Most of these inventors and scientists faced a lot of hardships both in terms of finances and social restrictions. But these men did not give up and finally wrote history with their feat. It is although incorrect to say that a particular invention was better than the other it is truly visible that some of these inventions affected the mankind tremendously completely changing the way of living. Some of these inventions formed the basis of the inventions coming ahead and hence had a great significance in history. Altogether it can be said that when impact on the thought and human life is considered some inventions have an upper hand than the others. The following are the top 10 inventors whose inventions completely reformed the world and the generations to come.

10. Daniel Fahrenheit (Thermometer)
Daniel Fahrenheit Thermometer 300x272 Top 10 Most Import Ancient Inventors
We are familiar with a thermometer. It is the device that a doctor uses to check your body temperature. It helps the doctor determine about your health state. A thermometer is also used industrially. Now a days electric thermometers are used as the industrial temperatures are very high. But a standard thermometer is still widely used clinically. The first prototype was invented by Galileo in 1593 which lacked a scale and then Sanotoria in 1612 invented a thermoscope with a scale. The first practical prototype of the mercury bulb thermometer was invented by Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit in 1714. The scale unit was given his name Fahrenheit.

9. Galileo and Newton (Telescope)
Galileo and Newton Telescope 300x240 Top 10 Most Import Ancient Inventors
The telescope is a wonder instrument that enables us to see distant objects.The discovery of telescope changed the entire perspective and belief of mankind. The first proper usable telescope was invented by Galilio Galilei in 1609 and the prototype was further refined by him in 1610. He challenged the system with his discoveries that denied Haleocentrism. He discovered Jupiter moons which are named after him in his honour. With the incorporation of Parabolic mirrors Issac Newton invented the practical prototype for reflecting telescope in 1668 which was called Newtonian Reflector. A century latter it was modified by Achromatic lenses in 1773 to the modern telescope.

8. Baird and Philo (Television)
Baird and Philo Television 300x208 Top 10 Most Import Ancient Inventors
Television is probably the invention that affected the human race the most. It became one of the most important source of communication as it had its reach over millions at a time. The invention of a television is a sequential process of a number of physicist whose inventions led to the final outcome of a fully functional television set. It started with discovery of electromagnetism 1831 and a successful transfer of images across by Paul Nipkaw in 1884 which laid the foundation of TV. The first set of TV made its way in the year 1924 by John Baird who transmitted moving images across wires based on electrochemical circuits. The first completely electrical TV made its way in 1927 by Phil Farnsworth that overtook electro chemical ones.

7. Thomas Newcomen (Steam Engine)
Thomas Newcomen Steam Engine 300x300 Top 10 Most Import Ancient Inventors
The idea of using steam for power dates back to as ancient as 1st century by the Greeks. After that also people have experimented with steam but a commercial application of steam was achieved by Thomas Newcomen, the breakthrough was made in the year 1710. Thomas modified the existing principle of utilizing steam as power applied by Savery and Denis and made what we today call a steam engine. The idea was to use steam generated to push a piston that in turn would move the instrument it is connected to. The steam driven wheels of the turbine are still the basis of many power generators.

6. Graham Bell (Telephone)
Graham Bell Telephone 300x262 Top 10 Most Import Ancient Inventors
Telephone is one of the most important mode of communication. Life without telephones is incomplete today. Telephone was invented by Graham Bell in the year 1876. His plan of the simple phone was based on the biological structure of the human ear. With the help of physics he transmitted voice across wire successfully and holds a patent for that. I proved to be one of the most important inventions.

5. Anton and Robert (Microscope)
Anton and Robert Microscope 300x198 Top 10 Most Import Ancient Inventors
Microscope is an instrument that allows to magnify an object and make it appear several times larger. It is off immense importance in the medicine world and also in Biotech , Polymerization etc. The magnifying power of lens was first noticed and brought to picture by Janssen and his son in the year 1590. This was later further modified by Anton van Leeuvanhoek in 1632 who achieved magnification of 270X. With this as the base of his microscopes he discovered bacteria , yeast and even blood cells in capillaries. Robert Hooke further modified Leeuvanhoek’s design and further refined the microscopes for biological use.

4. Wright Brothers (Aeroplane)
Wright Brothers Aeroplane 300x205 Top 10 Most Import Ancient Inventors
A not so ancient invention is the aeroplane. The impact it had on the humans and the change that it brought definitely has made it one of the most significant inventions of the history. air planes today are used for human transportation , cargo, defence etc. The credit of the invention of this unachievable feat goes to the Wright brothers. Olive and Wilbur Wright in the year 1903 invented the first functional plane that changed the ideology that humans cannot fly. Their invention of 3 axis control still remains the the core of fixed wings planes.

3.Ford and Benz (Vehicle)
Ford and Benz Vehicle 300x191 Top 10 Most Import Ancient Inventors
Another invention that was to soon change the idea of travelling for the mankind. The invention of an automobile made it possible for the humans to travel with ease. The first car was a steam engine based model made by Stanley Brothers in 1897. The model soon was replaced due to inconvenience and high cost. The first petrol run car was invented by Karl Benz in the year 1878-1879. The first car that could be bought by a common man was developed by Henry Ford with the standard T shaped engine in the year 1885 by working on Nenz’s structure and model.

2. Johannes Guttenburg (Printing press)
Johannes Guttenburg Printing1 284x300 Top 10 Most Import Ancient Inventors
One of the most important invention of the modern era was the invention of the printing press. Until then printing was a manual process using wooden encrypted dyes. Guttenburg invented the first movable printing press in 1439 and completely transformed the human era. The printing press could make it possible large scale publishing of matter. Thus books were now available for the common people as well at affordable rates. This extensive publications played a major role in Renaissance and other reformations.

1. Edison and Tesla (Electricity)
Edison and Tesla Electricity 300x225 Top 10 Most Import Ancient Inventors
Electricity is by far the most important discovery for the man kind as life without it today does not exist. Also is difficult to think the fate of other inventions and discoveries in the absence of electricity. Electricity was discovered long back in the form of static charge. Benjamin Franklin proved that lightning is nothing but electricity by his famous kite experiment. Problem lied in the use and conduction of this current. This was achieved by Edison. Edison invented the light bulb in 1879 with Carbon filament that stayed bright for 40 hours. This invention changed the future of the world and made it brighter than ever. Nicolas Tesla invented AC (alternating current) which is the form of current we receive in our homes. The two inventions combined brought light to the common masses and made transmittance of power possible.

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